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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Fashion Project

hy again! here i made a fashion project using long skirt, phasmina, and scarf. i used the skirt as a dress! hahaha.
actually i already make this fashion project in my agenda since October 2012, but it always postponed.
finally here they are! (sorry for my amateur editing :| )

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Welcome 2013 - be stronger, be better :D

hai guys. this is my first post on 2013 yaaayyy!!!!!
it's been a long time since my last post here, and yeah it's hard for me to find a time to visit this home :) and finally i got it :D

uhm.. any resolution for this year? of course i do. but now i will not write it down. i'll just keep that resolution in my mind, so that there will only me who know that HAHA :D
keep it 5cm in front of your forehead so you can always see it, and remember it, and make it happen :D

and my vision for this year:
 be stronger, be better, be a doctor ;D
my 1.3 block exam is closer, time for hard studying, and never stop struggling. ganbatte!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Say What?

well hey guys. i'm now in the middle of studying. hoaaam. lotsa task if you study in Medical Faculty :'>
just kind of boring, i opened Photoshop and edited some pict woahahah.
and yeaa this is my "result" from my "boring"


because my time is short, i'm not able to write any big post. :/
maybe later. you know i miss this blog so much :)

well.. see ya
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

small things

does he still look at me the same way?
'cause honestly, i miss that gaze. 

Mhicya Utami Ramadhani
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lotsa Things Happened #1

hey! finally i got time for write. huaaaah  i really miss this blog.
well, where should i start?

ok, since i AM already in 3rd grade of highschool, i have attended National Examination or what we call it.. UN!! *bolt*

they all are finished, Alhamdulillah. i've done the best i could. May Allah bless me and gives the best for me too, Aamiin.
May we, 2012's generation will get high mark, our favorite university, and success! Aamiin.. :)

let me say about it: UNPREDICTABLE

this is my participant card of UN.
i looked like a psychopath here -_-

#day 1 : Bahasa Indonesia (April 16th 2012)
the first day.. i think i have prepared enough for this. i tried to get a high mark. but still.. argued with friends about the questions right after the exam and found a mistake or different answer made me badmood. God, please.. -_- i needed to focus for the second day .___.

#day 2 : English and Physics. (April 17th 2012)
i think i did it right, i wish. English was fun. some question joked me -_-. and physics.. i'm hoping for the best :)

#day 3: Mathematics (April 18th 2012)
gyah! such a disaster and really unpredictable ~_~ may Allah bless me on this ._.

#day 4: Chemistry and Biology (April 19th 2012)

though i was so headache because that all of exam stuff forced to my mind, rather i was happy.
it was the end. THE END. yuhuuuu~~ VICTORY!

and.. because we would have Prom Night at April 21st, i looked for a gown for the party. depressingly i bought a dark-purple gown. looks pretty. and the dress code also gown or dress in dark colour. so it's choosen, whereas i also found a more beautiful soft-pink-maroon gown :/ . well Anca-san accompanied me to buy that gown :D

oh! oh!

actually our school held a Farewell Party before the National Exams.
it was April 7th 2012. we all wore Batik for the event! so much fun! and i also participated in the event by sing a song :) i'm glad. that was my last performance as high school student :')

le performing..


i sang To Love You More by Celine Dion for my solo performance :D
and got surprise on the stage. Bu Ii, Bu Ida and Bu Len walked to the stage and gave me a flower when i'm singing :') i love them. they're my parents :)
and also Anca-san gave me a flower when i'm singing. i am shocked when everybody started scream and when i looked.. hahaha
that was.. really.. i was touched :)

we 2012 generation had a choir . we sang 5 songs. Kemenangan Hati, Air dan Api, Sebuah Kisah Klasik, Hymne Guru and.. Simfoni Buat Guru . it was nice perform. i hope the teacher and our friend like it :D

well.. i need to sleep now. tomorrow morning i'll go to Bandung to take Super Intensif for SNMPTN. wish me luck :)

i'm gonna miss my friend here.
specially for u, A-s. i'm gonna miss u so much.
specially again, for my little brother Kaka.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm back! :D

hi again. long time no post here :(
well as opening, i love to share one of Taylor Swift's MV, and this one is my fav one :D

as u know, exam ended (finally!) and i have been through many things , so so georgeous!

later :D

*got somethin to do
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In A Hard Time. Keep Fighting! :)

hello guys! i sneak in between the study hours tonight :) i miss my 'home' so bad.
got a Deutsch and Math daily exam for tomorrow. and also papers and task :/
tiring, right?
well, 3rd grade is a time to run fast. no time for rest. especially for a class named acceleration class. meh. i think i'm just a lost girl who stuck in a wrong class. hahah. kidding.

recently i started my new hobby. Doodling!
i found that it has a lot of fun in making doodles hahaha
but still.. drawing K.O.T.S icon :3

my first one. hahah :)

well, Anca-senpai made the anime version for me. that was fun!
and there's Nyan-Cat :3 (or momoy?)

newest one. i love this so much :D

its so usefull for me to relieve stress and boredom

uhm. what day is today?  Wednesday. and February 15th 2012
it has been a month since January 15th . (meheheh of course )
well, Happy "a Month" my dear Anca-senpai! :)
may both of us will be better for the next. Amin :)

Oh My.. now back to work.
however all of this works, exams, problems really hit me now, i'm still in a long struggle so i have to stand up and run fast to catch my dreams. i belive that i can get through and win it all. Amin Ya Allah

that's all for now

see ya :)
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